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[SOLVED]: Thank you Fang and Daniel, that was it :)

[SOLVED]: Thank you Fang and Daniel, that was it 🙂
Hello people! I’m new at Oxy, coming from Divi, and loving it so far. There is just this one thing that is driving me all kinds of mad and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong 😭
So I’m following every tutorial to setup a Shop page, setting up a template for it, and so far so good (photo 1).
The things is, I save it, default it for the corresponding pages (photo 2) and the Shop page looks like this? With the products as posts? And not at all like the builder version (photo 3).
I’m 99,9% sure this is human error, but what is wrong? Thank you all in advance!


  1. Acorn Fang says

    priority set higher

  2. Daniel Florian says

    At the bottom of your Oxygen panel (image 2), set the priority to something like 10 and that should override the original shop page/template

  3. Rex Benedict says

    Select where is applied as taxonomy

  4. Matt Yabs says

    Yeah forget that for a moment. Are the Empanadas actually delicious? This what we all really want to know.

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