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** SOLVED with JS script for now – don’t hesitate to propose other solutions! **

** SOLVED with JS script for now – don’t hesitate to propose other solutions! **

Hey Oxy-Pros,
I’ve built a website that heavily uses VH:

VisiSoap – Sichtbare Seife für saubere Hände

Now I noticed that opening this page in the mobile Facebook or Instagram browsers makes this site barely usable, as the VH attribute is constantly recalculated if you scroll up – the whole page jumps weirdly.

IMO this is making the whole vh-spec pretty useless?!

Is there any workaround for this? I could get the viewport height in JavaScript after pageload, but this is a quite heavy solution…

Thanks in advance for you ideas! 🙂


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  1. Joshua says


  2. Felix says

    Cooles Produkt

  3. Zrinka says

    I add clamp () padding/margin top and bottom to hero content instead of vh lately cuz of certain inconsistencies

  4. Omar says

    Main slider Change to 100% to 100% other question how You Dev the second info slider? Is slow but animation is amazing

  5. Jake says

    I didn’t hear any Van Halen at all!

  6. Manuel says

    Is this an oxygen website, what’s the transition achieved with?

  7. Noel says

    Sick ass website!

  8. Izzy says

    Holy moly. Looks like an app

  9. Sunil says

    Amazing site. Care to share how you made the mobile menu and carousel?

  10. Rotua says

    i wish the is tutorial about making this website 🙁

    Super Cool!

  11. Jill says

    I want some of that soap! Seriously thought, is the site not finished? I clicked on the “order now” button, and went to https://www,heyfair,de/undefined. That page offers a “back to homepage” link, which takes me right back to undefined. Other than that, amazing front page!

  12. Vishal says


  13. Helmar says

    Die erste Seife KOMMA die dir zeigt…. 🙃

  14. Kelly says

    This is a great example of what you can do with OxyExtras. Does using OxyExtras affect your SEO?

  15. Ujang says


  16. Sean says

    Nice looking website!

    I still get a strange behaviour on Safari from my iPhone SE: when the page loads the page is not at its top, you may want to double check if you’ve already implemented some modifications.

    P. S. A note aside: for the underline animation you’ve used some scroll trigger on a pseudo element?

  17. Joshua says

    Hi there! Three things:

    1. I am glad you found a solution to your issue.
    2. This site looks fantastic. Congratulations!
    3. I am very interested in finding out how you got the page transitions to look so good? How did you get Oxygen to keep the header at the top while the page content refreshes? If it isn’t too much trouble could you point me in the right direction to learn how to achieve this for my own site?

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