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Something I’m seeing more and more in this group, almost every single day, are q

Something I’m seeing more and more in this group, almost every single day, are questions about Blogs, repeaters, acf, etc.
I really think that one of our “Oxy influencers” should make a course on this subject (10€ or whatever seems enough), or two courses – one with all basic+intermediate content and one advanced.

What matters is a good structure, access to all information in one place and hopefully a proper video material.

Basic+intermediate would be how to make a custom blog using Oxygen, best practices, use of shortcodes etc, while the advanced would be about use of ACF/mb and what can be done in such a way.
Basically everything one needs to have a proper, good looking, responsive and performant blog that offers good UX.
One extra possibility of income would be to actually sell 1-3 different finished templates (that were made in course) as a standalone project so your effort can be awarded in more than one way and also it would be great for the community, for those who don’t want to learn but want to buy a finished product.

I don’t know if anyone here would be interested in something like this – but it’s helpful to new and upcoming oxy developers, you can earn some money and rep and it could even be a collaboration if someone’s interested in such a thing.

This group is by far most helpful when it comes to webdev things, and by making products for its ecosystem it can only grow and be even better.

I will help in any way I can, but I’m far from being able to make courses of that high level at this point in time.


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