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  1. Harry Thomas says

    Or if you’ll do it for the “exposure.”

  2. Eric Froschauer says

    Also possible would be:
    “If your customers ask you if you can’t do it cheaper, do it with DIVI.” 😂

  3. Andrew Jireh de Juan says

    Clients be like

  4. Leo Vitali says

    First time I see that image in my life

  5. Made Lon says

    So true… lost some client or other over THAT!!! Not compromising is tough.

  6. Stephen Nicholson says

    It emphasises the importance of starting with the “back-end” 😉

  7. Noah Pinehurst says

    dead on!

  8. Donghyeok Kang says

    Saved it.

  9. Sono Un Bit says


  10. Jasper Tan says

    If u meet such clients. Feel free to introduce ur competitors. 😂

  11. Markus Seyfferth says

    Brilliant, absolutely in love with this meme

  12. David Affran says

    so TRUE!

  13. Marcel Pohl says


  14. Paul Archambault says

    Walk away. These are clients you don’t want.

  15. Una Neri says

    BRILLIANT, shame there is no share button, wonder why

  16. Michael Fristedt says

    Cute horse though

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