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Stange bug, “Urbanist” Google font is not listed in Oxygen Text Font. Every othe

Stange bug, “Urbanist” Google font is not listed in Oxygen Text Font. Every other Google Fonts are ok. I’ve tried to use the “Urbanist” font with Oxygen demo Sandbox and it works perfectly. Any tips to explain this error ? Thanks

Bug Stange, ′′ Urbanist ′′ Google font tidak tercantum dalam Font Teks Oksigen. Setiap Font Google lainnya baik-baik saja. Saya telah mencoba menggunakan font ′′ Urbanist ′′ dengan Demo Oksigen Sandbox dan bekerja sempurna. Ada tips untuk menjelaskan error ini? Terima kasih

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  1. Matt Hias says

    It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. 😉

    Urbanist seems to be quite new on Google Fonts: v1 @ 2021-08-18.

    For performance reasons, Oxygen uses a cache for the Google fonts list that is updated only every few somethings (don’t know the interval right now).

    Since your sandbox was new and the font list cache was empty it got refreshed directly from the Google servers. So Urbanist was listed here.

    There’s a setting Oxygen > Settings > General > Cache list of Google Fonts.
    Disable this, open your Oxygen Builder and try again. List should be refreshed from Google servers. Is Urbanist listed now?
    Then you can activate the cache setting again.

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