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The Bad News:

The Bad News:

I have a 1k+ page site that needs to be re-built. It has a lot of dynamic data. I’d like to use Oxy but I’m having to think long and hard about whether to do so. Even if I try to keep as much as possible within Gutenberg, I will still have to go into a large number of pages. When using Safari or FF Dev on other sites, I often experience 30+ second load times. 60 seconds is not uncommon. The potential combined time-suck waiting for the editor to load on a larger site build is a genuine worry.

It’s a shame this is even a consideration. It’s pushed me into checking out Zion and Bricks, which I’m not sure I would have done without this issue. The time spent doing this research has only added to the project time.

The Good News:

From my research, I don’t see myself wanting to move away from Oxy any time soon. Zion and Bricks are clearly capable but I feel at home in Oxygen and I know I can achieve what I need now, as well as functionality I may need in the future.


Zion and Bricks are now on my radar. I’ve put in time to learn about them and I may well use them in the future. I may even get to prefer one of them to Oxy, who knows?

I’m just one guy and I certainly don’t expect Oxy HQ to suddenly take notice. But if I’ve gone through this process, I’m sure others have done so – and more will.

Oxygen is so good in so many ways. Is this issue unresolvable? I recall Mark Westguard did some research on this a while back. If it is resolvable, Oxy is willingly handing people a compelling reason to start looking elsewhere when they wouldn’t do otherwise.


  1. Niko Hannula says

    There are some rumors about v4 rewrite but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on the competition.

  2. Ferdi Vol says

    Get on a fast host with a server near you. Use a browser without extentions and it will load very quickly!

  3. Max Zimmer says

    Nothing native comes to mind, other than fast hosting. Context Switching can help with that too:

  4. Jason Vargas says

    Clearing cache helps a bit.

  5. Dicky Ibrohim says

    I’ve been having the biggest problem lately, loading the editor for too long in Firefox developer, especially for small sites (which use cloudhosting or shared hosting from local company) even though the memory limit, time out, etc. are set higher. For VPS: usually 15-30 seconds. I’m also trying out Bricks and Zion, but I really hope that Oxygen will soon address this long-known problem in the next version. Unfortunately there is no roadmap 😃

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