the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Avril Roy-Smith says

    I would pretty much buy anything that that team release.

  2. Wes Walz says

    Looks solid

  3. Brian Lovelace says

    “lifetime discount” not LTD 🥺

  4. Erwan Manchec says

    depend on the bloat it add ..

  5. Davidov Mihail says

    If facebook chats will be upload without -20% off-page speed will be a better solution for social media, if not is a bad solution for your website. Facebook integration on your website make her slowly upload page

  6. Lim Gin Keat says

    Hanson Chua

  7. Jo Meyer says

    Shahjahan Jewel The issue I face with all kind of embeds is that you often need a consent to be GDPR compliant. Will your plugin offer the feature to completely cache the external data so that there is no third-party connection for the visitors?

  8. Aleš Sýkora says

    Cant wait

  9. Jon Davis Jr. says

    Where did you find out about this?

    I didn’t see an announcement in any of the Fluent product groups.

    I am just curious.

  10. Dependra Sunuwar says


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