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The main reason why I stick with Oxygen.

The main reason why I stick with Oxygen.
When I went from VPbakery to Elementor, it was a pretty big step. Even if I didn’t use Elementor for long, it was already pretty impressive. Then I went from Elementor to Oxygen, it was even a bigger step. A big step that changed the way I work, making me way better and faster than before.
But what about now? If I go to Bricks, the backend will load faster…and that’s basically it. It’s nice for sure but is it worth it?
I am pretty comfortable with Oxygen, I can build almost whatever I want & I can control almost everything. There are of course some annoying things but all builders all have their share of annoyances & bugs anyway. Will they (the other builders) make me work faster & better? Not really. Some of their features are better, many things are also missing, it will be just…different. Nothing groundbreaking. And yes, I’ve tried them all, Bricks, Zion, Cwicly… It’s always nice and exciting to try a new toy, but I always go back to Oxy. It’s working well for me so I don’t feel the urge to change.
It doesn’t mean I will never change, but I am waiting for something that will be much more exciting that what these new builders offer. I want another big step forward. Not something similar or just slightly better.
So yeah, I am still 100% with Oxy, like a big old fanboy. (but don’t get me started with Gutenberg…can’t stand it).
Peace ✌️


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  1. Steve says

    Oxygen is the best.
    But just imagine if Oxygen was breakneck fast…. ahhhhh

  2. Milen says

    Exactly my thoughts … I started one project with Zion and its super buddgy. I was spending like 2 hours and then the builder decided to crash and nothing has beed saved. Undo / redo function is a totally joke and my customer are in a hurry with this project. If I had started it with oxygen, I would have forgotten that I had finished it.

  3. Taylor says

    This was poetic ❤️

  4. Jason says

    I went from html code to slicing images drawn in fireworks into html to artisteer to themler to oxygen – every step over the years are miles apart and a learning curve, I love the feeling of confusion while I learn a new way to make things look better, function better and learn new skills. I guess it will be oxygen until the next new way.

  5. Lionel says

    Oxygen is very precise, and let you have a nice control of things. Sometimes it’s a bit weird for the styling, and still require to do direct CSS… but it’s totaly fine like that!

  6. Filippo says

    I can only agree more!

  7. Dicky says

    You can’t live without oxygen

  8. Esther says

    well, that’s kind of the same thing. 😉

  9. Guillaume says

    “The next thing” is not a new builder. It is to make your static website dynamic. Work with custom queries, make your own user based backed, make filterable portfolio system with extra custom fields etc. You can use your own code or go with Toolset, ACF, Metabox,..

  10. Mark says

    I totally agree, especially with your Gutenberg opinion, personally I rather go back to writing HTML in Vi or notepad…

  11. Sunil says

    Supa Mike if you’re not helping us with your nifty code and tutorials you’re motivating us with your philosophy 😂

  12. Jose says

    Me too, wpbakery, elementor, oxygen, Zion for fast deliveries and now I am proving cwicly (Still Young but I am fascinanted and looks very promising)

  13. Michael says

    I could have been writing the exact same lines! Same is 100 % true for me. Thank you Supa Mike

  14. Manuel says

    Love oxygen till the end

  15. Mark says

    totally agree. I too am not one, who jumps ship at the first glance of a shiny new thing. Started on sidney theme with site origin back in 2015, everything i used was free, because i had no money and no idea what i was doing. then switched to x-theme and cornerstone. learned a lot, but had to let it go because it became something else. i went to divi and was happy as a hyppo. but then – slowness came. so i bought oxygen and a few additions to it that i mostly never really used just to support the people making them. i love O2 although for very fast builds Blocksy is my go to thing now because of their starter sites(if only O2 had them). Now i have to admit – i like gutenberg more and more. Paired with Stackable that is. But when i have time – O2 it is. It’s just fun and i never really had any loading time issues.

  16. Ricardo says

    You just write exactly what I think… That’s it.

  17. Roumen says

    I wouldn’t say it better

  18. Uditha says

    100% agree with you

  19. Jeff says
  20. Udoro says

    Even though I’ve been misunderstood for some of my posts, this is my actual position. 100% agreed!

  21. Alexander says

    Exactly the path I went. WPBakery (BLAH) > Elementor > Oxygen. My opinion is, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’ve worked with Oxygen enough and ENJOY it enough that I don’t think it’s worthwhile to suddenly switch my allegiance to something else.

  22. Dou says

    I always fallback websites to classic editor and widget. Customizer is another thing I don’t like. Full site editing could not be good with these.

  23. Wim says

    Looks familiar ! 🙂 tried Elementor as well, regret very much I ever bougth crcoblock at that time. Wast of the money, not for crocoblock, but more for Elementor 🙂
    Although I love to code websites in Python using Flask framework !

  24. Edo says

    Cab you build a magazine style website with O2?

  25. Matt says

    Supa Mike thank you for those insights that (mostly) match my own.

    Sure, during the last years, several new builders popped up. And they all grow in functionality and might exceed Oxy in builder loading speed.
    However, I’m familiar with Oxy, have lots of experience and knowledge from real projects, a quite large collection of snippets, know some really annoying issues but also know how to bypass them.
    My old brain would not be capable to learn a completely new builder, or worse, switch between several environments for older ad newer projects. And it would probably not pay out to change to another builder – with sure another quirks.

    The only point I don’t agree with you is Gutenberg (or also called Hindenburg by some fellows). Gutenberg is now the defacto standard of editing content in WordPress. Was crap in the beginning, gets better and more usable with every version.
    My goal with every project is to build a “theme” (layout, design, functionality) with Oxygen and let the client edit their site with only Gutenberg. My clients are capable of building content with GB, but sure not with Oxy.
    Thanks to my knowledge in PHP and jQuery I usually create two or twelve special solutions to make it easy for the client to edit their site. But it’s also a lot of fun and brain training for me to design and develop those special solutions.

    My Code Snippets are a good example for this process: A client needs some functionality. I develop an individual solution. Then I decide that might be needed by other users as well. I take some additional time to extract the solution from the project and create a stand-alone version that’s easy to use. Easy as breathing.

    I’m sure, your invaluable tutorials have evolved from a similar background: From a project to the public. I can’t tell you how often I used your ideas and approaches in my projects. Thank you, thank you very much for that!

  26. Rosie says

    Oxygen – try not breathing for 1 minute

  27. Budi says

    No oxygen you will die 😂

  28. Williams says

    absolutely agree with you supamike

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