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There was a discussion a while back about performance with the hoster 20i (. I’v

There was a discussion a while back about performance with the hoster 20i ( I’ve been using Eco Web Hosting which is a reseller of 20i and had been running in to the same issues. I came to the conclusion that their CDN was frankly rubbish. I disabled and used the CDN from EWWW along with the Swis performance module. Performance got somewhat acceptable, but wp-admin activities and editing in Oxygen were slow. Crunch for me was on Monday where I started getting 500 errors related to PHP memory, on trying to edit any page. Nothing had changed and I was out of commission for more than 5 hours with no resolution.

Started to research new hosts and took out a reseller package with Stable Point. To say I am over the moon with them would be an understatement. I don’t normally post reviews, but I am so far thoroughly impressed with them. A migration of my site with 500 errors, worked immediately at Stable Point. Speed in wp-admin and in the Oxygen editor is so zippy, I think my productivity has improved 15-20% !! I am now moving all my sites over and will be closing my account with Eco.

Things I like about Stable Point:
* performance! (I’ve had TTFB’s down below 30 msec)
* 2GB of LVE RAM for each cPanel package you spin up
* Up to 2GB of PHP memory (if you want)
* Litespeed server
* Tons of configuration options within cPanel (which is more complex to get going than 20i StackCP admittedly)
* Twice daily backups which are stored offsite
* 24/7 support, and they did answer questions in the middle of the night
* performance (did I mention I’m really happy with their performance?)

Even without going in to GTMetrix, you can see and feel the difference:
* Old Eco/20i site:
* New Stable Point site:

(site still under development).

I’m in no way associated with Stable Point, but so happy with the switch, for a package which for my needs will work out cheaper than the 20i reseller package.

If you’re not happy with them, they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

For anyone staying with 20i/Eco, definitely recommend not using their CDN, web optimisations and disabling the stackcache plugin. I was using EWWW image optimizer (with CDN) and their Swis performance plugin. They havea LTD on AppSumo still.


  1. Sridhar Katakam says

    Affiliate and referral links are not permitted in the posts and comments in this group. Can you please edit your post and remove them?

  2. Vinz Mel says

    Thinking abt ewww (trying NoT to buy this that for future-proof lol) but gumlet n swift performance (truly wow) really works gr8 for me now. As for hosting, always stick to cloud so can scale + litespeed

  3. Glenn Stevens says

    Thanks for this Darren Locke. The original post was me. I’m about to try it. Looks great. Thanks.

  4. Gabriel Denys says

    I’m surprised. I found 20i amazing. Their CDN is decent too! I never had performance issues.

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