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There’s a way to nest templates, right?

There’s a way to nest templates, right?

I’m sure I stumbled across info somehwere on how to do this.

I’m making a template for woocommerce products. But I don’t want to recreate the global header and footer. iirc, there’s a way to create a nested template to prevent this kind of replication.


  1. Robert Chan says

    there’s the dropdown “inherit template from…” then you inherit the template with the header and footer. then you can do the template for products

  2. Go Seki says

    I just got through a lengthy process undoing nested templates on a site built when oxygen 2 was just released .. it feels so much better now.

    a better method is to design a decent template and use these techniques to turn things on / off for certain pages

  3. Matt Hias says

    Template nesting is one of the basic concepts of Oxygen.

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