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this issue is driving me crazy.

this issue is driving me crazy.
Has anyone had a “full-width” slider only fill part of the screen – here is the site
I’ve even turned off oxy cache there are no caching plugins .. the section, slider, slides are all set to 100% width and yet .. this is the only site I’ve had this issue on .. oxy 3.8.1 (3.8 had the same issue)

Thanks in advance


  1. Glenn Rieger says

    opacity 0 on list items 2 and 3

  2. Rodolfo Rizzo says

    i don’t know if this can help.

  3. Rodolfo Rizzo says

    Sorry, you can’t see the console in the video (damn nimbus note), but I disabled flex to show the whole slide, see image.

  4. Rodolfo Rizzo says

    …and deleting flex

  5. Go Seki says

    Update – I created a copy of the page as /home it displays perfectly!
    IF I add this new “home” page to be the homepage of the site it blows up!

  6. Glenn Rieger says

    Sorry – my earlier comment I didn’t realise the other list items were other slides. Rodolfo nailed it. If making it your homepage breaks it, it sounds like there’s some caching getting in the way. disable all caching and clear the browser cache and see if that works.

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