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  1. Tristan Kerseboom says

    Tbh when I activate license it saids unlimited sites available.

  2. Chris Castillo says

    How many sites do you plan on creating in the next 5 years?

    Do you plan on doing more than 2 sites per month using this plug-in on every single one of them?

    If not, this purchase would last you a minimum of 5 years. If you can’t grow your business to the point where you can afford to purchase this plug-in in 5 years at full price, then entrepreneurship might not be for you – go work for someone else instead.

  3. James LePage says
  4. Adam J. Humphreys says

    These feel planted Reviews

  5. Jo Villa says

    I would like unlimited sites too, but in the other hand is more than other plugins offers

  6. Daniel Richard says

    There’s a free trial available on their site. Although you aren’t able to create custom snippets on the trial site to test with it.

  7. Christopher Fischbach says

    If you worry about the pricing (which I can hardly understand), just ship the filtering abilities for $50 with your next clients site (configuration needs some time, right?) … And the one after it… And you should be good… 100 sites with the ability to filter nicely… For less than $100.. SHOULD be a no brainer… Shouldn’t it?

  8. Francis Roland Scriven says

    I don’t have a lot of faith here. Would rather spend money on a reputable company.

  9. Hank Cramer says

    Piotnet is good stuff. Back in Nov 19 I got the unlimited sites for $70 👍

  10. Kyle Blunt says

    Piotnet is great. Been an avid user of forms for ages now. It is superb value for money, it works perfectly, it can offer the same if not more features than other premium options, the support has been great (let’s be honest though, how many of us actually need support? I can count on my hand the amount of times I’ve had to contact a developer. I honestly don’t get why so many people have issues!!) This was an instant buy and I’m super pumped to be able to ditch the pricey alternative… Oh and Oxygen support with repeater support on the way? Instantly awesome.

  11. Gemma da Silva says

    Is this different to Piotnet pafe?

  12. Hank Cramer says

    Grid appears to be a standalone product like PiotnetForms. The grid site says 20% Discount for Early Adopters + 20% Discount for Piotnet User. I don’t see how to get the 2 discounts as there is only 1 entry box for discount code – so sent them a chat message.

  13. David Baker says

    It’s a no brainer, purchase it now get 100 sites for life, sit on fences and pay $197 a year for 1 site 😂

  14. Pedro Vieira says

    Hi guy’s, I’ve done a 2hours live stream yesterday playing around with this awesome product. Highly recommended. Check it out here:

  15. Brent Randall says

    I’m confused. I thought all future items were included for those who got in early? I could have sworn I had the forms addon, but I never actually used it. So are forms and grids both addons?

    The coupon code they give doesn’t work on the piotnetgrids website. What link do I actually click to get the grids plugin at a discount? Their site is terrible about telling you what you are getting, and the pricing on the individual sites doesn’t match.

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