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to make my editing experience smooth, i will need to buy this plugin and that pl

to make my editing experience smooth, i will need to buy this plugin and that plugin. wouldn’t install more plugins into wordpress makes things slow?

oxygen builder + plugins = elementor = divi?

Untuk membuat pengalaman editing saya lancar, saya perlu membeli plugin ini dan plugin itu. Tidak akan memasang lebih banyak plugin ke wordpress membuat semuanya lambat?

Pembangun oksigen + plugin = elementor = divi?

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  1. Robert Chan says

    What plug-ins are you being forced to use

  2. Sridhar Katakam says

    I consider only Hydrogen Pack as an essential plugin for Oxygen for all users. Haven’t noticed any increase in the editor load times with it active.

  3. Juan Carlos Garcia Alonso says

    It should have some impact in the loading time of the editor, although if you use the plugin functionalities you should save hours of work. Good trade if you asked me. 2 or 3 extra seconds of loading time but save 200 clicks, because now you use shortcodes or 50 utility classes you don’t need to type all the time or a few pre-built elements. Now if you installed the plug in just because everyone did, but you don’t use it… well is waste.

  4. Tomi Harvánek says

    Go with GeneratePress theme. Paired with GenerateBlocks, you will have almost the same functionalities without slow back end. The frontend output is also pretty clean and fast.

  5. Taylor Drayson says

    Personally I would say the # of plugins is not equal / or relative to the slowness and bloat of the backend/frontend. Its a misconception that number of plugins is the cause.

    If the plugin is built and coded well then it should be fine. You can have 50+ great, well coded plugins and everything be fine.

    Then have 1 very poorly written plugin which can bring your entire site to a crawling halt from having bad coding practices, using up lots of resources in the background

  6. Stephen Dunning says

    It does seem that Oygen has a lot of needed plugins. Even with some simple things like an email opt in. (Built into divi) Yes there are shortcomings, Yes people are creating tools to help us and make themselves money. You have to decide if it’s worth it to you. For me it is. But I build sites by myself like twice a month. If I were running an agency I might have a different opinion.

  7. Max Zimmer says

    Users have told me that EE has actually sped the builder up for them. But with things like Optimizer and no-bloat-code I suppose that should be true.

  8. Adam Tang says

    I’m tire. How much more I need to pay to make everything smooth? Feel like need to pay not only skins but features too.

  9. Dino Latoga says

    doesn’t matter what tool you use as long as you get the right results.

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