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To The New OxyUser

To The New OxyUser

many people ask the additional pack and some people say that is expensive…
In my opinion,I think all the oxygen addons just do two thing “design pack (css js framework)” and “speed up your workflow”.
I am using Ninja now, because I want build woocommerce store fast,oxyMade i watched, that seems like a huge package of design sets,and Hydrogen (or not this?) speed up your workflow , fill the insufficient of origin oxygen…
if you are very good at coding, and have many time to build your own element pack, its ok to use origin oxygen,but you want fasten the work , you can choose one or two addons.
the oxygen ecosphere is different from elementor, workflow enhance aside, I think all the pack element is assemble from the origin oxygen framework, maybe add some js css code to make it better. but elementor addons usually give you the whole new element.
in short, oxygen addons can shorten the time you learn oxygen.

I usually say Canva like Elementor, but illustrator like Oxygen ,the addon of oxygen just like you buy the graphic design template of illustrator.

some sharing, maybe wrong, hope seniors bear more and give the right, Thank you~


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