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Topic: xl-order-1/xl-order-2Hi Anvesh G!—I couldn’t find the xl-order-x classe

Topic: xl-order-1/xl-order-2

I couldn’t find the xl-order-x classes, so I checked first the Framework Cheat sheet.
I made it myself, but maybe you can consider is in the next update.
Please let me know if you update it
Thanks for your efforts!


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  1. Anvesh says

    Can you send me an use case where you needed to use separate order for xl breakpoint?

  2. Carlos says

    When using w5…

  3. Kyle says

    I was surprised not to see XL settings for order myself.

  4. Bill says

    I’m curious, why not have oxymade stay in sync with the latest version of Tailwind to prevent gaps in utilities? If it is already, please disregard.

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