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UPDATE: Sometime the website looks normal on desktop, but then goes back to be b

UPDATE: Sometime the website looks normal on desktop, but then goes back to be broken again

Hi guys, when I’m working on my site, the site suddenly looks like the style is not applied. And when I check the console, there’s an error below:

Refused to apply style from ‘’ because its MIME type (‘text/html’) is not a supported stylesheet MIME type, and strict MIME checking is enabled.

Tried googling it but I’m just getting more confused by it. Can anyone help me fix the issue? Already cleared LiteSpeed cache, resign shortcode, regenerate CSS cache, clear browser cache but to no success.

1. Somehow the website looks normal on mobile.
2. I don’t know if this is connected or not, but suddenly the WordPress toolbar on the front page went missing

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  1. Noel says

    Try regenerating Oxygen CSS cache

  2. Liam says

    Lightspeed is timing out generating the cache. You might have to tweak the settings or upgrade to more powerful hosting.

  3. Rasel says

    Litespeed settings are causing this error.Try to disable lightspeed and clear you cached data..

  4. Viktor says

    This is caused by lazy loading css without having the above the fold critical css generated beforehand. Like others have said, it’s likely from the Litespeed settings

  5. Jonathan says

    When in doubt…clear your cache.

  6. Jason says

    Have you got Cloudflare? If so try purging Cloudflare cache

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