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Very new to this. When I add internal links to pages on a localhost site, it add

Very new to this. When I add internal links to pages on a localhost site, it adds the http://localhost prefix. If I make the site live with a different domain, will these URLs automatically update? Removing the prefix works fine too by changing it to ‘/belindamoore/product/how…’ but is that step necessary? Thanks


  1. Robert Chan says

    No they won’t update. You’ll have to use a plugin to do a search and replace of all the links in the pages/posts/etc. this also applies to the url of any images / files that are referenced on the pages.

    Personally when I do things locally, I edit my hosts file so that siteinprogress.tld domain points to then work on the site as normal then the site should preserve the domain name. There are fancier tools that other designers use here, I don’t know the tools’ names so hopefully they’ll mention what they do when working locally

  2. Mehmet Koçali says

    I never add the part to any of internal links or references. This way you don’t have to make any other changes once you migrate.

  3. Acorn Fang says

    just delete it!

  4. Rich Deane says

    Depending on what you use to migrate, it might handle that for you… All In One Migration does a find/replace on domains when import the site on your live server… but, on the off chance it doesn’t, it makes sense to make them all relative… especially seeing as it appears you have sub folder that may not be present on the live site – I don’t think that gets taken care of…

    With that said, you can use something like Better Search Replace to do that manually.

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