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Visual Studio Code / Oxygen

Visual Studio Code / Oxygen
I do Have a Question. I have some small Projects developed Purely in Visual Studio Code. The Project contains most of the Time Html files, More Css Files, Java Scrip Files. I would love to import this one Page to Oxygen and the Rest of the other pages develop in Oxygen Builder. Is it possible to import somehow those Projects from Visual Code to Oxygen. Now I just try to Copy the Code from Visual Studio to Code Block, but obviously, it doesn’t work, and when only partly.

Any Recommendation on how to approach such a task.

Thank you for your time.


  1. Taylor Drayson says

    When you say you tried to paste into a codeblock. What do you mean it doesn’t work?

    Are you relying on external files that are not getting imported to the page.

    Make sure your css is being imported too the page as wel

  2. George Xatzidimitriou says

    Upload the html file to the main wordpress installation folder.

  3. Christopher Fischbach says

    When you do that, just copy the content between the body tags.

    The stuff you did in the header, throw into advanced scripts and select the according hook.

    Don’t see why it wouldn’t work that way.

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