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Weird Issue.

Weird Issue.
Has anyone ever had their custom Stylesheets become inaccessible within Oxygen?

We’ve built loads of sites in Oxy now, and it’s been a pleasure to work with.

But randomly, one of the sites in development isn’t letting us access the custom stylesheets, you click on it – and nothing happens (no side panel opens up).

We’ve tried all the standard things from reassigning shortcodes, clearing CSS cache, clearing any other existing caches on the site – removing all plugins aside from Oxygen.

Still nothing.
I’ve even gone as far to rip the custom CSS out via SFTP incase something was going on there causing an issue – but once again, nothing.

All I can see is that the browsers error log flashing when you click on a Stylesheet. (see attached image).

So I’m kind of at a loss here, we’ll be repeating a chunk of hours if we need to move everything over to fresh installation – so if anything has come across this issue before then any ideas would be great.


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