the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Stephen Donald Petersen says
  2. Martin Datbenik says

    Using the safari browser seems to make the builder load the fastest. But I’m a Windows user and then it would be Firefox developer.

  3. Gennaro Di Fiandra says

    Use a browser without extensions

  4. Omar Obando Somarriba says

    Disable plugins if case You have browser like brave disable brave Adblock , use crome or chromiun use radio 100% per 100% , disable css cache in configuración and the most important have one exelent hosting not one potato hosting XD

  5. Steve Clark says

    Use 3.9 beta 2.

  6. Ferdi Vol says

    Faster host

  7. Pepe Juntunen says

    1. Build locally with something like Local. 2. Use Firefox Dev Edition. 3. Buy an M1 Macbook Pro (seriously the difference it made).

  8. Jeff Tincher says

    don’t give a sh!t. the time spent actually developing on Oxy is by far faster than Divi, Elementor, etc. so loading the Oxy builder for 9 seconds is a blessing. 😉

  9. Tubbe Lanson says

    Usually editing maybe 2 templates and 1 page at the time. Keeping them open on different tabs has absolutely worked for me. I don’t see any issue with the 10 seconds loading time really.

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