the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Timo Niessner says

    Oxygen css cache and cw’s cache combo this become awesome!

  2. Johan de Jong says

    WPRocket works great for any WP site/plugin/theme

  3. Paul Quijano says

    I use WP Rocket + imagify + cloudflare for all projects. I am checking to switch to Flyingpress but need to do some test before

  4. Francis Roland Scriven says

    Server side cache. Join the server side!

  5. Mianne Bagger says

    WP Rocket, hands down!

  6. Marcus Michaelsen says


  7. Terry Gooding says

    Wp rocket

  8. Greg Davids says

    Litespeed cache plugin with a litespeed server

  9. Heber Capellari Brito says


  10. Joe Williams says

    WP Rocket is way more than a caching plugin but gets my vote

  11. Mohammad Arshad says

    Free options : WP Fastest Cache or Swift Perfomance Lite

    Paid options : WPROCKET or Swift Performance Pro

  12. Adisak Lam says

    I have no cache plug in. But i implement only Bunny CDN + Cloudflare(with page rule cache everything).

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