the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Niko Strobel says

    I prefer Borlabs Cookie.

  2. Danny Nieuwlaat says

    I’m using

  3. Christopher Gatt says

    I have been using Iubenda (it is a paid GDPR compliance service that includes a plugin)

  4. Jerome Elliah says

    Thank you everyone 😊

  5. Aleksandar Savkovic says

    GDPR is much more than plugin and you should really read what are the pillars of GDPR. Otherwise, plugin is just for cookie consent and some minor and less important GDPR requirements

  6. Victor Hansen says

    Any Ltd in this area?

  7. Yorgos Kastritseas says very satisfied with it

  8. Adrian Vatavu says

    I use and think its the best

  9. Martin Datbenik says

    I use this because it not only incorperates GDPR but also CCPA and if needed age verification and other stuff

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