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What is the most popular “extra” plugin that you use with Oxygen?

What is the most popular “extra” plugin that you use with Oxygen?

As in Oxyextras, Oxyultimate etc.

Which one do you recommend, and why?

I’m looking to get a few of them to have on hand for a variety of projects, thank you!


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  1. Joe says

    Recoda workspace, swiss knife, oxyextras, collaborate for multipage editing + 1 of the frameworks, (Oxymade, Oxyninja or Automaticcss)

  2. Riku says

    OxyExtras is the onlyone I have on all Oxy sites.

  3. Farid says

    OxyNinja is the one of the best addon for oxygen builder.

  4. Brian says

    Well, its up to you, look at them all and see if the features suits you!

    My needs is not your needs 😀

  5. Budi says

    In oxygen actually you only need 2 types plugins:

    Editor choice :
    Recoda Workspace
    Swiss knife
    Hydrogen pack

    Code editor choice :
    WPCodeBox Community
    Script organizer
    Advanced script

  6. Orrett says

    Expanding on the answer by Budi. there are 2 main categories of plugins:


    For components, I’d say OxyExtras has you covered. They have solid components and decent documentation. I personally use their carousel/slider and accordions a lot. Other nice things like off canvas elements and others.

    For workflow, Editor Enhancer is good, but the coming 4.0 version will make some of it obsolete.

    I’d say OxyExtras is absolute must have.

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