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  1. Blue Li says

    custom field _sku?

  2. Milen Bogoev says

    I’ve using “my-custom-functionality-master” and there i add this snippet:

    function simple_product_sku_before_loop_item_title(){
    global $product;

    $type = $product->product_type;

    $sku = $type == ‘simple’ ? ‘ ‘ . $product->get_sku() . ” : ”;

    echo $sku;

    Then i display this in repeaters and everywhere i want by using dynamic phpfunction: simple_product_sku_before_loop_item_title

  3. Udoro 'Cracka' Essien says

    You can use the product meta element inside a repeater, this will display the SKU and Categories, if you don’t need the categories, use the css
    .parent-div span.posted_in {
    display: none;

    Use a parent selector to avoid applying the display:none to other pages you may need the categories displayed.

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