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What would be easiest (safest..). way to make small News! -section on welcome pa

What would be easiest (safest..). way to make small News! -section on welcome page for a client to write small announcements and links without going to backend? My client’s gigging around with a pad/mobile , thats’s safety/easiness for.


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  1. Esa says

    Do you mean without logging in to the admin dashboard? I can’t think of a safe way from the frontend, unless from a password protected page via frontend ACF form or something.

    Easiest would be to create options page via code snippets and ACF and then have client just navigate there from the dashboard and use the custom fields needed.

  2. Robert says

    Doesn’t the wordpress app let you log in and create posts?

    could just let them do it that way and make them tag posts as news or have your news section only include posts by their account

  3. Martin says

    Also very interested in “safe” authoring of Blog posts by users who you don’t want in the back end! I was intending to use a custom Blog format and a plugin to receive emails and auto-publish, but interested to know if anyone has any other thoughts!

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