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What’s your recommended way to copy STAGING to PROD on an Oxygen site running Wo

What’s your recommended way to copy STAGING to PROD on an Oxygen site running WooCommerce? PROD copy has WooCommerce (Orders/Users/Payments) and Gravity Form submissions we’re missing.

The changes have been extensive, include both templates, pages and some products. The only other thing I was unsure was the media library, if we’d just copy it via SFTP since the staging fixes spanned multiple months.

Normally, we’d use WP All Import/Export for this but asking to see if there’s a better/easier way. I’m asking because we haven’t done this on a “live” site before, just overwrote the entire PROD copy every time.

Has anyone ever used a plugin like Oxy Transfer Pro? Tried searching the group without any results.


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  1. Christian says

    This doesn’t sound like an Oxygen problem but a general workflow issue. Any changes on a new site that have been made since you sent to staging are going to give you a headache when trying to “merge” the sites back together. Especially for a live site with Woocommerce orders. Many plugins have tried and failed to complete merges. You almost have to wind up doing things manually, or test so much that you know exactly what tables to exclude when transferring, but that can be a headache.

  2. Robin says

    Oxytransfer only migrates your oxygen blocks and templates, it’s not a migration tool

  3. Sridhar says

    Whatever you do, I highly recommend you do a dry run first on a copy of the production site, say a Dev site. might be handy.

  4. Hugh says

    I’ve always found WordPress, and even moreso Oxygen Sites, to be a mega pain when it comes to staging/prod – mainly due to the fact that you basically have to selectively import/sync specific tables in the DB. I’m sure someone smarter than me has found a great way to do so, but I still shudder whenever it’s a necessity.

  5. Todd says

    Great article on this topic. TLDR: no easy answer.

  6. Justin says

    This is the only product I know of but I’ve only explored and haven’t used it in production . The development team has other successful products though and LiquidWeb used to bundle this with their WP hosting before they moved to nexcess.

  7. Christian says

    I just posted something similar to this, pretty much asking the same question in a different way hehe. I was asking about any recommendations for migrating a site that was using Elementor to Oxygen then porting that back to the live site. This essentially is the same issue, you’re going to have to do all sorts of merges if you have a site that has any sort of dynamic data, like Woocommerce, courses etc. I came to the conclusion that it would be better off just to redesign the entire site using Oxygen as I wanted to test that, and then move that to a staging site and import the things that would typically change. This would include orders, users (unless it imported users automatically) and things like LMS data. Some of that import plugins aren’t cheap, for example there is one for LearnDash that is like $90 just to export, and another $90 just for the import. Annoying. I really wish LD has a built in way to import/export user progress but I digress. I figure for YOU it might be easier to do the migration in reverse and move the Woocommerce orders over to the staging site RIGHT before you’re about to transfer. Maybe put a maintenance message up on the live site while you’re doing this etc. Spot check the orders all came through and that everything is good to go, then move the entire staging site to production. For me, I’d test this on 2 staging sites just to be safe.

  8. Mike says

    Thanks everyone for your input! Was much appreciated.

    Ended up re-importing the WooCommerce data and users from PROD using WP All Import/Export and manually transfering Gravity Form tables to STAGING. Took a few tries to get it imported properly, the other way around (copying things manually to PROD) seemed far too much of a headache.

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