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When building a website, I usually add sections 1 by one, run a Google Pagespeed

When building a website, I usually add sections 1 by one, run a Google Pagespeed Test, and then add another section, repeat. I’m still working on this site but just wanted to share that even with cheapo GoDaddy shared hosting, it’s possible to get 90+ on mobile. I’ve done optimization like image resizing, caching and other things, but still impressive IMO.

Name a better website builder, I’ll wait! β±β±β±πŸ§“πŸ‘΄


  1. Robert Chan says

    I admire the… dedication? Your clients appreciate it I’m sure πŸ™‚
    nice looking site, i dig the image with the clickable highlight thingies.
    the hero banner thing needs fixing on wider screens though

  2. Joe Juarez Balingit says

    Fast indeed.

  3. Joe Juarez Balingit says

    I think the header elements can be improved for clarity and focus?

  4. Robert Szlaga says

    OVH Shared hosting 97 mobile, it is possible. πŸ˜›

  5. John Tankard says

    Nice site, I’ve just noticed on mobile portrait the section paragraph under ‘What Makes Us Different’ has lost its padding, its butt up to the screen edge on oneplus Pro 9… ☺️

  6. John Tankard says

    Also make sure email address is protected against scraping otherwise that email address in footer will get spammed beyond belief…

  7. Zrinka Zizi says

    Love the site! 😍
    I assume you’re still working on it, but I’ll leave this mobile responsive issue here (s. galaxy 10) just in case πŸ˜…
    P. S. What do u use to load images/sections on scrawl?

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