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  1. Hakira Shymuy says

    because you copied it from another website, and it copied all the nested divs till you get there

    (at least with me happened that when I was copying text from another website done in elementor ) and I got crazy about that, till I understood it was the problem.
    don’t ask me why, but with me was that

    anyway if you change on right top corner to text instead of visual, you will be able to delete them

  2. Phillip Wesley-Brown says

    Just switch to text view first, then paste, then back to view 👍

  3. Daniel Florian says

    Shift + Control + V should remove all formatting when pasting the text in

  4. Jeffrey Phillips says

    Just click the “Paste as plain text” switch before pasting your text in.

    And if you forget to do that, select-all the text and click the “clear formatting” button next to it.

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