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When you are installing a fresh WordPress, what task you usually do?

When you are installing a fresh WordPress, what task you usually do?
I plan to create something to help automate the repetitive/common task for new WordPress installation.
E.g. :
  • Uninstall WordPress’ bundled plugin (Hello Dolly, Akismet, etc.)
  • Uninstall WordPress’ bundled theme (Twenty Twenty, Twenty Nineteen, etc.)
  • Installing Favorite plugin (and activate?)
  • Installing Favorite theme (and activate?)
  • Change the time zone, permalink, discussion, etc.
  • Creating a new user
  • Deleting a post (Hello World)
  • etc.

Saat Anda menginstal WordPress segar, tugas apa yang biasanya Anda lakukan?

Saya berencana untuk membuat sesuatu untuk membantu mengotomatiskan tugas repetitif / umum untuk instalasi WordPress yang baru.
Hapus plugin bundel WordPres (Hello Dolly, Akismet, dll. ))
Uninstall WordPres tema bundel (Twenty Twenty, Twenty Nineteen, dll. ))
Memasang plugin favorit (dan mengaktifkan? ))
Memasang tema Favorit (dan mengaktifkan? ))
Merubah zona waktu, permalink, diskusi, dll.
Membuat pengguna baru
Menghapus postingan (Halo Dunia)

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  1. Jared Ledbetter says

    I don’t install a fresh WordPress.

  2. Joseph Then NK says

    Wordfence, and AutoSSL are my default plugins.

  3. Sherissa R says

    Change permalinks

  4. Shibbir Ahmad says

    Can all these be done in a click using automation somehow?

  5. Sherissa R says

    Create common pages. About, Contact, Home.

  6. Andrew Pottruff says

    Can’t you do this with a Blueprint using LocalWP?

  7. John B. Manos says

    Change the salts and keys….

  8. Siam N Muang Naulak says

    After installing WP the first thing I did was hide frontend admin bar, I am always distracted by the black bar while designing the site 😊

  9. Mohammad Arshad says

    I always do all except create a new user…

  10. Totte Lundgren says

    Or just have a web server/hotel which allows to install images of WP. Where all your essential plugins and demo posts/images are already there when installing.. 🤷‍♂️

  11. Jeremy Poland says

    Nice. Could also scrub site subtitle.

  12. Marcin Neuman says

    Change media to not use date folders. Change permalinks.

  13. Robert Christian Sussman says

    You can do all of this in Plesk or cPanel with WordPress toolkit you can drop the code to remove whatever you want as well as different plugins and theme sets. I didn’t think about removing everything this way but your right it’s the first thing most people do is get read of all of that and set the permalinks.

  14. David Webheld says

    Change time zone, change default category to News, change landing page to Home, disable comments

  15. Rich Deane says

    I couldn’t tell you the last time I use a clean install… I have a blueprint I use as a base…

  16. Joe Lipburger says

    Create terms and conditions and privacy page’s.

  17. Adam Tang says


  18. Max Weir says

    Great post, there’s some great work flow tips in here 👍

  19. Michael White says

    I have my default set up saved on my local server, I just then migrate that to wherever I need it, job done

  20. Guillaume Reynders says

    The most time is spend on installing your plugins. I do this with wpcore -> I create my own list and install them all at once.

  21. Lee Fletcher says

    I host my websites on GridPane, and they have “bundles” so I have a few different setups for different types of website. They install a fresh WordPress, bring all the plugins in, activate them, so it’s all ready to go. Usually all I have to do is enter a few serial keys to activate the new domain and I’m ready to go.

  22. David Airbees Erben says

    I have make install with all my settings, plugins, add-ons and share it with All-In-One WP Migration but after that I must reactivate some premium plugins.

  23. Loïc Delhs says

    I use a Zennoposter template to automate these tasks

  24. Marcel Tannich says

    IMO no need for a plugin, You can handle all the mentioned options via WP-CLI and a few lines of shell script.

  25. Hakira Shymuy says

    Better use that free time to create new features or updates your existent plugins??

  26. Patrick Gallagher says

    Most people who want to solve for this are already doing so at the hosting/provisioning layer.

    Flywheel calls it Blueprints.

    We call it Bundles or Cloning.

    For this all to be fully automated it needs to happen “above” the WordPress layer.

  27. Barry Smith says

    ONce you are done with all that, take note of password etc, export the entire site using All in one WP Migration. Then next time, install wordpress, All in one, and import the downloaded version, this will then save you plenty time. And once uploaded, you can login with the saved user and pass, then change it to the new client.

  28. Budi Haryono says

    Cant wait

  29. Blue Li says

    Oxygen is too clean, so there are so many essential css need to be added. as well as some essential code snippet.
    I have a site as blue print. I clone and begin with that one for every new project.

  30. Jake P says

    Joshua Gugun Siagian This is the move: create a WP with all your default actions. Keep it on your host as your ‘default install’. When you need a new site, duplicate it. When you need to add a new action just change the setting on the default install. Otherwise as I said, just keep duplicating it.

  31. Adam Lowe says

    I have a shell script that sets all my defaults for me using wp-cli. Here is a link to an older, public version, that you can take and tweak.

    You can also look through it to see all the things I change from the default settings. The script is fairly readable.

  32. Pete London Lewis says

    I use the MainWp plugin to manage my sites. I have a default site on its own domain with all the startup plugins and settings I need and keep it updated. Then when I have a new domain I connect it to MainWp with the child plugin and clone it from my default domain. Works like a treat.

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