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Where does the “.oxy-header-container” come from and why can’t I find it in the

Where does the “.oxy-header-container” come from and why can’t I find it in the structure panel? It gives me a maximum width of 1120px and I don’t want that. Do I really have to override it with css? Doesn’t seem sensible.

I am using the header builder.

And also, why can’t I override some of the Atomic styling? I don’t need templates, if I can’t configure them to my wishes.

I decided to use the header builder and make header from scratch because I just couldn’t see to get rid of some typo styling that came with an atomic header.


  1. Robert Chan says

    it’s the header row, the thing that contains the left, centre, and right, header sections

  2. Taylor Drayson says

    Have a look in sizing and spacing. In one of the header divs. You should be able to change the page size to full width or custom

  3. Eric Embacher says

    I don’t even use header builder anymore because it’s so buggy and poorly designed. Just regular divs and custom css.

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