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Which form plugin has the best developer experience when it comes to custom styl

Which form plugin has the best developer experience when it comes to custom styling?
I have a LTD for Fluent Forms, and while it’s been able to do whatever I force it to do, I feel like I spend wayyyy to much time trying to style it how I want.
I have to figure out the selectors, undo the styles applied, then try to build my own on top.
Are there any solutions that offer an almost “naked” experience when it comes to the HTML? I don’t want a bunch of styling already on it


  1. Gagan Khatri says

    Wsforms, you won’t go wrong. Bit expensive but sure you will be blown away with the features and integration.

  2. Lee Fletcher says

    If you buy OxyUltimate or OxyExtras they have a fluent forms styler module which saves SO much time. Otherwise, Gravity Forms I’d say is the best form plug-in, but again, it’s all manual styling unless you buy Oxyultimate.

    Oxygen has a built in selector detector to help you manually style things up if that’s any help? Turn it on in the settings and when you embed your form, you can select items and apply styles to them, so you don’t have to figure out the css.

  3. Bob Kodi says
  4. Lương Hữu Phước says Try Piotnet Forms

  5. Rachel Drosterij says
  6. Jennifer Beam says

    Formidable Forms

  7. Aaron Whittaker says has been handy for multiple forms. Sometimes cf7 is all that’s needed.

  8. Stephen Bliss says

    Fluent Forms. Just built a style sheet.

  9. Terris Ng says

    Shahjahan Jewel Can we have a ‘naked’ style for developers, please!

  10. Henry Méndez says

    WS Forms for sure.

  11. Johan de Jong says

    We use Gravity Forms, disable default CSS and use our own. Works easy enough.

  12. Shahjahan Jewel says

    As you already have Fluent Forms then you can disable the default css style by only one line of code:

    Please feel free to check out other API docs to extend its functionalities.

  13. Max Zimmer says

    Forminator has style controls for all the things

  14. Renata Cunha says


  15. Mohammed Wasim Akram says

    Consider checking this comparison as it will help you decide for yourself which one is best for you.

  16. Acorn Fang says

    cf7 totally nake

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