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  1. Alexandre Gravel-Ménard says

    Just disable the tabs in mobile and enable accordion instead?

  2. Andrew Wilkinson-Smith says
  3. Alexandre Gravel-Ménard says

    Simple approch is that. You can use this snippet code and wrap your section with oxygen shortcode wrapper module. It’s better to disable it on the back end so less data is send to the front-end.

    Use this snippet code:

    add_shortcode( ‘disable_component’, ‘func_disable_component’ );
    function func_disable_component( $atts, $content = ” ) {
    return ”; // nothing.
    return $content;

  4. Ray Mitchell says

    Just use Dynamic Tabs in OxyExtras. Built it, works with ACF Repeaters, changes to accordions on mobile! 😜

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