the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Jidun says

    I want to know too

  2. Simon says


  3. Eric says

    Why do you need a builder to create a sales funnel? If you’re in this group, you likely know how to build a website on your own…why is a sales funnel any different?

  4. Adam says

    Sales funnel is just a marketing word for landing page.

  5. Peter says

    Funnel Builder by Woofunnels is the best hands down. It integrates perfectly with Oxygen. The support is the best I’ve seen in a WP plugin.

  6. Sunny says

    WooFunnels or CartFlows are the top 2 right now. They’re pretty close in terms of features at the moment. WooFunnels probably has the edge, but CartFlows’ canvas mapping looks pretty neat as well.

    Edit: WooFunnels also has an Oxygen integration, so I’d probably start there first 🙂

  7. Lee says

    For simple funnels, take a look at StudioCart. Works well with Oxygen, doesn’t need WooCommerce for payment processing, plus is way cheaper than the likes of Woofunnels.

    To be honest though, I use ThriveCart the most, as it just works, and I can have my website just be my website, and ThriveCart handles everything else.

  8. Neha says

    Woofunnels is really good

  9. Lucian says

    WP Funnels is a new plugin that might be interesting to watch

  10. Justin says

    You can create almost any type of sales funnel in Oxygen. Why bloat your site with unnecessary plugins?

  11. Robert says

    woofunnels, integrates perfectly with oxygen

  12. Adrien says

    WooFunnels is great and it’s integrated with Oxygen Builder very well 😁

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