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Who is my hero? Phe from Oxygen. BIG TIME!

Who is my hero? Phe from Oxygen. BIG TIME!

Every single time I have a question, and some of them might be advanced, I get help either with explanation or with straight up code.

Nearly NO OTHER is doing this. They will just transfer you to some design partners/developers that can help you with this. But not Phe, and not Oxygen. They have some wizards throwing away knowledge to their client base.

I have no words for this. It’s absolute amazing, and this is why I will be for ever in Oxygen.

Great job, and fast responds. This is nice.


  1. Michael Pucher says

    Second this. Oxygen Support team is great! Big shout out for Phe!!!

  2. Christian Staub says

    Yes she is great and sometimes even responds on weekends.

  3. Lawrence Kritzinger says

    Phe is awesome!

  4. Phe Simmonds says

    Aww, thanks guys!

  5. Tom Frøkjær says

    Yeah, Phe just rocks. A true professional.

  6. Alexander van Aken says

    Phe rules!

  7. Michael Lønfeldt says

    Absolutely agree 🙂

  8. Amanda Lucas says

    Phe Simmonds rocks 🤜🏻

  9. Blessed L. Aigbedion says

    God bless Phe

  10. Peter Felis says

    Nice of you to write this! Most of the time excellent help is also taken for granted and Phe deserves a compliment.

  11. Yves Malouin says

    By reading Phe’s above message, you can say he writes concise and clear messages. Kudos Phe !

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