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Why doesn’t Oxygen have its own framework like Studio Press does with Genesis? I’m currently using O

Why doesn’t Oxygen have its own framework like Studio Press does with Genesis? I’m currently using OxyMade, which seems pretty solid, but I get nervous when my websites require two plugins to operate. Also, is OxyMade the work of one person or an entire team, like Oxygen?

The reason I’m asking these questions is many years ago, and before I moved over to WordPress, I developed websites first with GoLive and then later Freeway Pro. Unfortunately, both apps were discontinued, which left me hanging twice.

WordPress was probably one of the best moves I’ve made, but I don’t want to get too dependent on any company or tech that may not be around in a few years. This is also why I’m a big fan of Adobe. I know they’ll be around forever, but ironically they purchased GoLive and then abandoned it. 🙂


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  1. Adam says

    Just buy oxygen mother company and you can do whatever you want.

  2. Anthony says

    You don’t NEED OxyMade or any of the other Oxygen plugins to design and create great websites.

  3. Sunil says

    I get where you’re coming from. You want to free of worry. Especially now where many of these plugins and add-ons are developed and maintained by a single developer.

    What happens when the single developer loses interest or otherwise is unable to continue development and support?

    My advice, use the tools but always have a backup, especially for those niche tools that are vulnerable. For instance, I use oxymade but I know 75% of what it does, I can for the most part recreate those classes in oxygen if I have to. As for builders, I use Elementor but also learning Zion, and gutneberg. I know alot of oxy users are touting Bricks so you can also invest your time and $$ in that. Hope this helps, put your time into using the tools rather than worrying about them 😄

  4. Dan says

    Personally I don’t use or need any Oxy bolt ons.
    Oxygen and ACF pro are the only “must haves” for me!

  5. Cathy says

    Genesis, after 10 years changed their model and retired a bunch of themes, and in order to get all of the ones bother kept you have to host with them. Was diff biz model than before. You can still used individually purchased themes, but the shift sucked

  6. Kelly says

    One of the reasons I’m using a framework, like OxyMade, is because it’s my understanding that Oxygen is not responsive out of the box. And, if I need to make a universal change (colors, fonts, spacing) I won’t be able to very easily. Is that not true?

  7. Steph says

    Because it is a template builder and not a framework. Feel free to use any framework you want

  8. Kelly says

    I think I’ll stick with OxyMade until I become more adept at CSS. By taking this approach, I’m able to focus more on design than coding. Plus, being able to deconstruct the OxyMade code and classes is very helpful.

  9. Iteven says

    Why? Let me answer you? You think better than oxygen team can understand. It’s simple,- some people are born to always make stupid, inefficient decisions and have no idea what is like efficiency by design.

  10. Alexander says

    “This is also why I’m a big fan of Adobe. I know they’ll be around forever…” – They shut down Adobe Muse, leaving hundreds of thousands of fans dependent on it. That’s how reliable Adobe is😁

  11. Jevgenijs says

    I bet on PHP, not on WP

  12. Ferdi says

    Why not use automatic css if you want it so badly

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