the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Brian says

    I had the same with const mediaQuery … Don’t know why it happens

  2. Fang says

    dont matter that~sometime will show when use jQuery…but frontend is ok, I think its the panel loop render all code od site cause…..

  3. Gavin says

    Try wrapping all of it in an iife

    (function () {
    //code here

  4. Johan says

    Is this code perhaps in a template which is repeated? Because Oxygen will then add the same piece of code every time it renders the template, and thus causing conflicts.

    Wrapping it in a `(function() { /* code */ })();` block will solve that issue.

  5. Hakira says

    Use var instead of let.
    Oxygen dont deal good with let and const
    If you gonna use var it will work

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