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Wishlist for 2022:

Wishlist for 2022:
“Users” is listed under post types for archive and singular templates so I can design my own user profile pages for frontend access.

Ability to design one template that serves all post-categories when selected from the front end.

If this is already possible I’d appreciate if someone shows me how as I’ve been trying to do this for ages. I had to use elementor for a current project that required these as it handles them seamlessly but elementor doesn’t have something as basic as oxygen repeater component.


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  1. Matt says

    Please DON’T list users under post types since users are not posts. They’ll feel offended. But I would really welcome the possibility to use other than WP_Query, like WP_User_Query or WP_Tax_Query/WP_Term_Query

    Tar, beside posting your wishlist here, please also upvote an existing or create a new feature request on GitHub:

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