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Wondering if anyone can help?

Wondering if anyone can help?

I’ve created a website which has been moved to another server. Now I’m unable to get any new ACF repeater fields in the insert dynamic data for repeater blocks. I’m able to create the fields with ACF but Oxygen is not showing them. I’m also able to see the previous repeater fields for ones created before moving server.

I’ve also tried enabling “Show all ACF fields in the Dynamic Data Dialog” which doesn’t do the trick.


  1. Jaka Minkuž says

    Check PHP version on a new server.

  2. Jaka Minkuž says

    Also, have you done these steps after you migrated your website:

    1. Save your permalinks twice via Settings > Permalinks
    2. Resign your shortcodes via Oxygen > Settings > Security
    3. Regenerate your CSS cache via Oxygen > Settings > CSS Cache
    4. Check to verify that everything looks & works as you expect

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