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  1. Lucas says

    I have a store on each. Long story short, I prefer WC purely for the level of customization you have.

    That and being able to use any payment processor without additional fees.

    For just about everything else, Shopify wins.
    It has a nicer back end for the actual business stuff. WordPress/WC admin area is kinda crappy in comparison lol so easier to do certain things and it has plenty of integrations.

  2. Brandon says

    I’m hoping to see North Commerce take the lead in six months to a year. 🙂

  3. Guillermo says

    I used to have my store in Ecwid, then I moved it to Woo and now I’m in Shopify.
    Have around 100 ish products and it was a nightmare to maintain everything by myself when I had it in Woo.

    Ecwid was nice, but it lacks a lot in the customization, but it was solid when it came to payment and carts.

    And with Shopify pufff!!! I love it. Make my life so easy, so easy that my wife can do it and it just took me one time to reach her how to do it.
    You don’t have to deal with CDN and optimization like you normally do if you had Woo, for most part Shopify takes care of it, and the portion that it doesn’t, is not even that difficult.
    Speed is critical, specially in e-commerce, so even if your store is rank with with a 40 in the Shopify scale, that is still fast. You have some restrictions on where to customize, but I believe that is worth it and most of the big names have an integrations with Shopify already.
    Also it comes with a lot of tools that you will normally won’t get or would have to pay to get them in you woo.
    Learning Liquid is simple so if you like to code, you can do it quite fast.

    My only regret was not do to moved to Shopify sooner.


  4. Aaron says

    Use woocommer when: want more customization, are okay with ongoing maintenance, are okay with random outages, have a mild budget, can’t afford a custom site. Use Shopify when your on a budget, don’t care much for customization, want things done fast, want no downtime.

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