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WpGridBuilder with Oxygen

WpGridBuilder with Oxygen

Hi guys, I used to read many posts about WpGridBuilder and wonder how you actually find yourself with that as I’m unsure about the quality.

Just bought a license. I’ve asked for help and got an extremely fast answer, probably a common one that still required a snippet.

I used the snippet in Advanced Scripts as I do with all the other. Since the snippet wasn’t working, the dev reply to use Code Snippet instead.

Try to explain that that couldn’t be the issue, but instead of further investigating or pinpoint some other issue, I’ve been ask again to use Code Snippet instead without further explanation.

That made me question the quality of the plugin and the staff in the background, but before jumping into conclusion, I wonder how it is for you that are using it.


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  1. Dennis says

    Works fine for me

  2. Keviin says

    I also bought it and have some issues, but I did find the support very very bad and they would not help.
    Fully regret it and they would not return my money, so I’ll definitely never use or speak good about them.

  3. Sten says

    Bit off topic but just curious what the issue was. The support reply seems odd to say the least.

  4. Adam says

    We use it and for simple filters built with repeaters it’s quick and easy we do have times when it doesn’t work us and we use search and filter Pro but it takes some tweeking to get to work with oxygen.

  5. Per-Kristian says

    Have you checked piotnet grid?

  6. Martin says

    I used in on a few sites and never had any issues with it. I mainly use the facets though as I prefer to design grids with repeaters.
    What was not working for you? Maybe someone here can help you.

  7. Aleš says

    No problems at all. Best facet for oxygen for me. Using at loooot of websites

  8. Barry says

    Absolutely awesome for me. Only use facets and the built in oxygen integration and I can build a full search in less than 1 minute.

  9. Sunil says

    Decent plug-in but not many updates and support is not great. Also mobile view needs work. Really regret getting it because most traffic is mobile and all the filter show instead of a hamburger menu option. Seems small but wait till you see the bounce rate..

  10. Alan says

    Sometimes you gotta jump through a hoop so you can rub support tech’s nose in it.

  11. Supa says

    Did you try with Code Snippet then ?

  12. Iwamaka says

    You might want to join the Oxygen Discord group. A lot of the guys there speak highly of the plugin and the developer. He’s a touch gruff but he responds fast.

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