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“Your designs are generic”

“Your designs are generic”

This is what one of my clients said. Actually, they are kind of true and that really struck me. As a web designer, it is crucial to take feedback and improve upon them. That’s how we evolve!

So I decided to change the style. Here’s the first part of how I designed the hero section.


  1. Tomek Klamczyński says

    still generic 😉 search “brutalist websites” in ggl and start again 🙂

  2. Korbin Perry says

    Looks nice to me man!

  3. Zrinka Zizi says

    Smooth 😍 and nothing wrong with generic – website is not made for design competition but for business

  4. Terris Ng says

    Nothing wrong with generic… nothing looks original anymore in this day and age

  5. Max Zimmer says

    “Generic.” Such a common and ultimately meaningless word in our world. Some may call it “tried and true,” others “mundane or uninviting.” Fact is, if it works and leads prospective customers down the right path, then it’s great. Design isn’t always about appearance, though some certainly think so. Your design is fantastic in my opinion.

    If I may make one recommendation it would be to do something clever with the image corners so they aren’t plain old square. But that’s it. Great concept on the tile reductions and symmetry.

  6. Simon Mambariza says

    awesome design. how do you did you record your screen?

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