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Z index and Pro Menu

Z index and Pro Menu

Happy Z-unday, dear Co-Oxys!
I know there are quite some threads here re. z-index and menu, but nothing worked.
Every element that has a z index >0 runs over the Sticky Pro Menu.

What I tried then:
I set the “Header Line” and the “Header Row Top Sticky” to position relative and for safety reasons I manually set the z index to 2147483640.
I also tried setting one of these prominent elements to position relative, too, because it was suggested here elsewhere, but nothing works.

An example for this are the Divs with icon image plus text on my feedback page
These Divs overlap the rich text, at least *this *works… πŸ˜‰
(RuthΒ΄s Div, the second feedback Div, is position relative – another failed experiment).
The Divs are set to z index 100)

But it also happens with other pushy elements on other sub pages.
Any help very much appreciated!
Z-anks in advance! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ


  1. Fang Acorn says

    z-index must set with menu and outer all container~~

  2. Niko Strobel says

    I never had to set z-index for menus or individual elements of the sticky header. πŸ€”
    There’s a z-index option in the main header builder element (not the header row) that needs to be set for sticky, though.

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